Drilling rig & in-situ piling (CFA)
مدل کارخانه :SoilMec SR-60
سال ساخت :2007
تعداد :1
SOILMEC devices are designed to be easy and convenient transport solution and are very suitable for drilling

SR-60 drilling machine to the appropriate and recommended the following:

- LDP cased bore piles with casing driven directly by rotary head or optionally by casing oscillator powered by the base carrier itself;
- LDP deep uncased bored piles stabilized by drilling fluid or dry hole;
- CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles by means of long auger string;
- DP (Displacement Piles) / TCT (traction compacting tool);
- TJ (Turbojet ®) / TTJ (Twin Shaft Turbojet) - soil consolidation.

SR-60 to DRILLING SYSTEM MATE (DMS) in 12 touchscreen monitor and control each is equipped with better and more accurate.
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