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About Azarsimab

Considering the constructional and professional needs in Iran, Azarsimab was established in 1987, in order to share in the country`s growth and development.
Since the beginning, Azarsimab was organized aiming at the fields of activities which required special skills. In this respect, expansion of the special expertise and global techniques in the construction industry was taken as a goal.
By this approach, special attention was given to improve the skills of personnel and manpower, resulting in professional managers and staff who are the great assets for the company today.
Over these years, we have managed to perform projects of particular specs such as onshore structures, quay walls, harbor, drilling and in-situ piling, soil consolidation and stabilization as well as many other fields of activities within Iran and some countries in the region.
We entered construction industry with a strong will, put into practice the know-how and techniques, gained great experiences, brought the talents together and let them flourish, provided an atmosphere full of sincerity, unanimity and collaboration through which we have tried to gain a bigger share in the country`s growth.
Evidently this could not have been achieved without the hard work and goodwill of Azarsimab managers, engineers and all work forces.

Board of Directors

Seyed Hassan Mortazavi
Managing Director& Vice Chairman of the Board
Farrokh Hashemzadeh Farhang
Chairman of the board
Member of the Board


  • All
  • Soil
  • Water
  • Bridge

Equipment and machinery

  • Drilling Rig, Piling & Pile Driving Machinery
    Specialized machinery Earthworks Hfarhay hydraulic pile SoilMec R416, including: SoilMec SR60, SoilMec R620, SoilMec R518, SoilMec CM40 and SoilMec R12 Drilling and pile driving equipment connected SoilMec CFA Jrtqylhay 100 tons Libherr 110-ton Link Belt cranes Micro Tunneling Machine Technology Group Sprkvb apparatus PTC-65HD Vaybr devices and flute Jiang Yin - ZCQ75II
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  • Dynamic Compaction Machinery
    Dynamic Compaction Machinery
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  • Soil Stabilization, Cold Recycling & AsphaltMillin
    Soil Stabilization, Cold Recycling & AsphaltMilling Machinery
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  • Concrete & Materials Supply Machinery
    Concrete & Materials Supply Machinery
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Affiliated Companies and Consortium

Azar Simab Company in the direction of effective presence in various fields of civil projects in one hand and on the other hand the necessity of developing the construction companies, regard to present conditions of construction industry in our country and region also presenting of desirable method from execution activities organizing, it has been relied on 3 principals, including benefiting from new technologies – high quality and speed of performance and believing in Iranian experts potentials and capacities, Azar Simab Company has been set the process of developing as a destination from the first of 2000 in two below ways:
1. Establishment of related companies through recognition and absorbing of expert persons with having experience in management – technical and executional affairs for the purpose of special fields organizing.
2 .Establishment of consortium companies through recognition of experienced technical and executional groups with having desirable records..

Hamdid Company has been established in 2004 by the credit and experience of its board of directors with the purpose to work in specialized fields such as Dam projects and Networks, Dynamic compaction, soil improvement & reclamation, Obtained land from the sea, Civil Actions and installation of oil and gas projects, specialized fields of constructing buildings and Mass storage, Implementation Refinery and Water and sewage pipelines, Bridge , subway lines and related structures, the offshore pipelines, and buildings projects.

0098 41 34793370

0098 41 34792063

3rd Floor, No. 41, Jannat Avenue, Manzarieh, Tabriz, Iran.

0098 21 27608000

0098 21 27608105

No. 15, 5th Floor, Soheyl Building, No. 3, parsa Dd end, after Sadr Bridge, Shariati Avenue, Tehran, Iran.

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