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Construction of first & third roads and  Concrete bridge  over the main channel – Khodafarin Dam
Construction of Eastern Bridges on Northern & Southern Taxiway in Imam Khomeini International Airport 
Construction of a 70 meter street  Sahand New Town  From 14+950 km to 19 +100  km

Construction of grade separation Arregar with Dampezeshki
Implementation of West Lake Street construction Chitgar
Construction of 430.36 m long bridge with 9.80 width using steel trapezoid box dock, with 1300m in situ piles
Construction of a bridge consisting 10*(28 to 41) m spans, 24.80m width using steel trapezoid box dock, with concrete columns and deep foundation piles.
Asphalt milling operation & cold recycling of a runway of ninth chasing basement of Bandar Abbas, some 118000 square meters.
Post tensioned bridge with 9 × 28 meters spans and 230 nos. in-situ concrete piles
Asphalt milling & cold recycling for rehabilitation of Hamedan Air Base runway some 23.7 hectare area
Construction of 11Km long and  35m wide freeway including the related structures  plus Construction of Additional Operations of Tabriz West Ring Freeway
Construction of main road some 30 km long, 11 m wide, and the related structures including 91 bridges
A bridge consisting of 5×20m spans, deep foundation resting on in-situ concrete piles, and post tensioned prefabricated concrete beams
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