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Azerbaijan Faraz Setareh (Private Joint Stock Co.)

Azerbaijan Faraz Setareh has been established in 2005 in In order to provide Technical and advisory services, contracting and investment in all areas of Construction and Housing, it consists of 7 active construction contractors and consulting engineer companies of Azerbaijan province east. Azar Simab Co. is one of the major shareholders of it, and usually M.B. of Azar Simab is at the board of directors of Azerbaijan Faraz Setareh simultaneously.

  • Setareh Residential Complex in Tabriz:

    A complex with a total floor area of 67200 m2 , in 20 to 23 stories Includes 187 residential units and 121 commercial units on three floors consisted of design and construction of the complex in the way of Investment, design and implementation.

Telephone :33812891(41) 98+
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Address :Ministry of foreign affairs office, Elgoli Tabriz Tabriz Iran
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